Shamanic Life Coaching

It is wise to have someone to help you hold perspective on your life, especially if you are pursuing personal development and change. You can read many books about life change and manifestation, yet that is just information. The trick to activating all that knowledge is how you integrate it into everyday life.

That can be difficult to do by yourself. For one thing, you have a lot of practice in doing life as you currently are. As a result, it takes a lot of courage, committment, energy, and ability to be honest with yourself to get out of that rut.

Being in the rut IS your perspective!

Gerry has many years' experience in helping people to affect change through the integration of shamanic principles and practice into their ordinary lives. His approach includes a balance of:

  • Individual teaching sessions in which you learn key principles of the shamanic view of life and living in harmony with yourself, others, the environment, and Spirit,
  • Healing sessions to help you clear blocks that you hold in your physical, mental/emotional, soul, and spirit bodies or energy fields,
  • Assistance in learning and using the shamanic journey practice, including participation in community journey circles,
  • Exploration of past lives and how they may affect this one,
  • Assist in learning and cultivating your own spiritual gifts (you do have them!),
  • and more.

All clients bring with them a rich source of information that they may not recognize or be able to access. A key goal of all the teachings, coaching, and practices is to help you to access that wisdom – that "greater You."

Sessions are free-flowing and based on what you want or need for your place in your personal journey. They are not fixed and formatted to any particular schedule.

Coaching sessions are best held in-person for those living in the Austin, Texas area. For those outside of Austin, sessions can be held via Skype video, scheduled weekly or monthly to meet your needs. Skype video conferencing is also available.
See the Skype Session Calendar to make an appointment.

Spirit Paths™
Spirit Paths™ was developed as an intensive, group-oriented pro gram to affect change by applying shamanic principles, techniques, and practices for a period of five months. As such, it is a exciting and powerful "jump start" to facilitating ongoing change. Personal sessions make a great follow-up to that program.
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The Shamanic Passages office is at 3004 S First Street in south central Austin, Texas. If you would like to schedule a personal session, please see the calendar page for currently available dates and times.

More Information
Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

Coaching May Include:
Drumming Journey
Powerful investigative and healing work is done in cooperation and with the guidance of Power Animals and Spirit Guides. The journey process is easily learned and can be used for both individual and group processes.

Soul Retrieval
A form of Shamanic Journeying, Spirit Journey is more intentional and focused: the goal is to regain Power lost or left behind in the thread of lifetimes. With the assistance and guidance of one’s Power Animals and Allies, the voyager moves through time and space to find and reconnect with aspects of the self that have become separated, lost, forgotten. Through finding and returning these lost pieces, one regains lost Power, personal strength, health, and more.

Curse Healing
We curse each other all the time. Fortunately in our society, we are not very good at it. Still, by the time you are grown, you likely have many curses implanted in your energy field. Curses can be implanted early on in our lives, by parents, friends, schoolmates, teachers, and even passers-by. Curse healing is the removal of these stuck energies, helping you to regain power and return to balance.

Group Healing Journeys
Group dynamics and energy afford a powerful avenue for both exploration and healing. Depending on the group and the issues involved, the group may work in pairs or as a whole to address the situation or illness.

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