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Shamanic Healing
Gerry works with individuals in one-on-one sessions to assist in paving the way to the integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. Though originally trained in traditional psychological modalities, his current work is based on shamanic and energy/spiritual modalities.

"My role as a shamanic healer is to be a 'hollow bone' for Spirit. The client and I listen together to the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual guidance available, then apply whatever process is needed. There is no fixed protocol to follow other than that."

Gerry uses three key modalities to help clients clear blocks and wounds of the past and prepare them for their life journey in wholeness and strength.
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Energy Medicine: Clearing the energy centers, repairing holes in the energy field, and aligning the field of the energy and physical bodies. Gerry is also a Usui Reiki Level III Practitioner.

Curse Removal and Healing: Finding and removing implanted curses and hooks that bind the client into old patterns, or keep them connected to others or the history that no longer serves them.

Soul Retrieval: Locating and returning missing soul parts, usually lost during times of intense stress or trauma.

Spiritual and Life Coaching
Everyone has access to their own inner strength and innate wisdom - their own connection to Spirit. However, sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced teacher and guide to work with.

As a spiritual and life coach, Gerry is available for personal sessions that help students and clients learn how best to integrate Spirit into their everyday life, and to identify and utilize their spiritual gifts.

Coaching sessions best held in-person for those living in the Austin area. For those outside of Austin, they can be held via Skype video, scheduled weekly or monthly to meet your needs.
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Community and Group
Many opportunities for group and community are available monthly.

Shamanic Journey Circles
Unlike community polyrhythmic drum circles, the Shamanic Journey Circle is a deeply meditative practice of combining intuition and imagination to the repetitive, droning rhythm of one or more frame drums. Insightful investigative and deep healing work is often done in cooperation with and guidance of Power Animals and Spirit Guides. Once learned, the shamanic journey process can be performed by the individual, and is greatly enhanced by the energy of the group.
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Healing Journey Circles
The energy of a focused group intention affords an extraordinary opportunity for healing. Depending on the group and the issues involved, the group may work in pairs or as a whole to address the situation or illness.

Gerry facilitates a monthly shamanic healing journey in which participants journey to invite family, friends, and others in need of healing to join in spirit in the sacred healing space created.

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