Personal Work and Teaching Testimonials

"I must acknowledge and thank you for ALL that youi have done for me these past few years...All the love and support you have shown have truly helped to shape me into who I have become and I am so gratefull to you for that!"
- Lydia M

"I just wanted to say thank you for your time yesterday. I feel so much better today. I no longer feel sad or depressed. I have energy and no longer have aches & pains. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to meet and speak with you and am looking forward to seeing you again."
– Marj C

"I've turned to Gerry for shamanic healing work on a number of occasions through the years. There are a number of maladies which Western medicine can only treat so far...and where that road ends, Gerry steps in. He treats his clients with a great deal of integrity and compassion. He's a terrific listener and genuinely cares about his clients' well-being -- a natural healer. The results I've had with his guidance have been truly transformative. Highly recommended!"
– Nancy P

"Gerry is a very knowledgeable and skilled shamanic practitioner with an evident passion for what he does. Through our many years working together he has become a valued friend and trusted advisor in my life, on both personal and professional issues. Gerry's classes, workshops and personal sessions/consultations always bring me new insight and inspiration."
– Robin P

"I enjoyed and appreciated your strength of character and energy while I got to work on some really hard stuff at the Returning Warriors retreat. Thank you. You are a "safe" man and I have always felt that around you."

“I have gone to Gerry for many healing sessions. His knowledge of a wide variety of healing modalities, World belief systems and professional training in counseling create a positive open space of possibility to deal with whatever issues are affecting me at the time. Three top qualities of Gerry's sessions that bring me back is that he can offer an intuitive objectivity to any situation, he draws upon a wide variety of knowledge from which to help, and he has a high degree of integrity that makes me feel very safe during his sessions.”
– Raquel

“Working with Gerry is hard to explain in words. If you ever feel you have lost your inspiration, motivation or hope then--he is your man!! I began working with Gerry as an alternative to back surgery. He directed me in finding balance, strength and direction in every aspect of my life. Needless to say, here I am almost two years later and I feel better than I ever have--and, no surgery! I am forever thankful that we had the pleasure of working together.”
– Star

“My sessions with Gerry were extraordinarily helpful and provided me with a deeper understanding of a powerful healing modality. He is a very compassionate and gifted shamanic teacher and practitioner. I recommend him highly!”
– Jennifer

"I want to honor you for spending the time to help me on my journey. You are a very special person, and I am very grateful for the work I've done with your shaman presence, and for you."
– Carol B

"As a guide, mentor and powerful energy healer and shamanic practitioner, you have provided much to all you have encountered and we are blessed to have you in this role."
– Wayne, Spirit Paths™ graduate

“I've known Gerry for many years and have experienced the commitment, skill, integrity, and compassion which imbues his work as a shamanic practitioner, teacher, and counselor. I've learned much from his classes and workshops and have benefited from the guidance and support he has given in private sessions. I see him as someone who is connected to his Authentic Self and Spirit in very real and practical ways. I am glad to know and work with him.”
– Victoria, Spirit Paths™ graduate

"Since I've seen you, I've noticed my heart opening to more bliss and love in life. I don't know what you did, but it's good to start feeling bliss again and not being so numb. It's strange but I could feel god radiating through you, and it was beautiful."
– Victoria C

“Gerry brings deep experience and knowledge and a thoughtful manner to his work and interaction with others. He is fully engaged, truly listens to others, and gives cogent and respectful feedback. He is calm, considerate, and engaging. Time spent with Gerry passes too quickly. He is professional in his work...always prepared ...and yet has an amazing ability to be flexible and bend to what is important in the moment. I would definitely work with Gerry again. He is a treasure.”
– Diane B

“Gerry is an excellent and intuitive teacher of core shamanism and related healing modalities and practices. I've studied with him since 2005 in both group classes and a private apprenticeship. His integrity, knowledge and teaching skills make him an extremely valuable resource for this work.”
– Toni

"Thank you for being you...working with you has truly helped me to gain a deeper sense of Self...I look forward to commencing our journey together when i return."
– Lydia M

"In one month's time with you, I have felt effortlessly what [some] labor so hard to realize within themselves. I truly felt many special things happen during the progress of our sessions. I truly felt many special things happen in my body during the progress of our sessions. I have so much confidence in your work and look forward to working more with you in the future."
- SC

"I feel so fortunate that with your help I have learned to become more aware of the various ways that spirit can choose to talk to me. In the past, I would have been mentally repulsed by the idea of a spider walking on my thigh -- especially a big, hairy one! But with the practice that journeying has given me, I had a second thought and as a result was able to glean some insight into my being."
– Diane S

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